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Pidurangala Rock

Sigiriya, Sri Lanka

Pidurangala Rock: A Hidden Gem in Sri Lanka

Pidurangala Rock

Nestled in the heart of Sri Lanka, near the historic town of Sigiriya, lies Pidurangala Rock, a site that offers breathtaking views and a touch of adventure for travelers. This ancient rock is often overshadowed by its more famous counterpart, Sigiriya Rock Fortress, but it is a spectacular destination in its own right, promising a less crowded and more natural experience.

Essential Visitor Information

  • Location: Pidurangala Rock is located in the Central Province of Sri Lanka, just a few kilometers north of Sigiriya.
  • Hours of Operation: Open daily from 5:00 AM to 7:00 PM. (You can stay how long you want but tickets can only be purchased at this time)
  • Entry Fee: 500 LKR (approx. $1.50 USD) or 1000 LKR (approx $3.30 USD) for foreigners.

This straightforward information helps you plan your visit efficiently, ensuring you have all the details at your fingertips.

Why Visit Pidurangala Rock?

Unparalleled Views and Serene Hikes

Pidurangala Rock View

Pidurangala Rock offers a unique opportunity to hike through modestly challenging trails that lead to some of the most stunning panoramas of the surrounding landscape, including a perfect view of the Sigiriya Rock Fortress. The summit is an ideal spot for sunrise or sunset, where the sky bursts into colors above the lush greenery.

Rich Historical Tapestry

Pidurangala Rock Buddha

The origins of Pidurangala Rock are intertwined with the history of Sigiriya. When King Kasyapa decided to build his fortress on Sigiriya Rock, the monks who lived there were relocated to Pidurangala. This site has been a center of monastic life for over a thousand years, with ancient caves and a reclining Buddha statue adding to its spiritual and historical depth.

Things to Do and See

Hiking to the Top

The main activity at Pidurangala Rock is the hike to its summit. The trail begins at the Pidurangala Sigiri Rajamaha Viharaya, an ancient temple at the base. The hike is relatively easy for the most part but gets a bit steep towards the end, requiring some bouldering.


Pidurangala Rock Photography

The top of Pidurangala Rock is a photographer’s paradise, offering expansive views of the verdant landscape and the dramatic silhouette of Sigiriya Rock. It’s an ideal location for landscape and sunrise or sunset photography.

Exploring the Ruins and Temple

Halfway up the rock, you’ll encounter historical remnants and a large reclining Buddha statue. The peaceful temple grounds and scattered ruins provide a fascinating glimpse into the area’s rich past.


Q: Is the hike suitable for children?
A: Yes, but the final ascent might require some help as it involves climbing over rocks.

Q: What should I bring for the hike?
A: Comfortable hiking shoes, water, snacks, a camera, and sunscreen are recommended.

Q: How long does it take to reach the top?
A: It typically takes about 30 minutes to an hour depending on your pace.

Fun Facts

  • Pidurangala Rock is said to have been used as a monastic retreat for over 2,000 years, with evidence of human occupation dating back to the prehistoric period.
  • The summit offers a rare view where you can photograph Sigiriya Rock perfectly framed by nature.


Pidurangala Rock is a must-visit for those who cherish nature, history, and adventure. Its serene environment, combined with the rich historical significance and stunning views, make it a perfect addition to any Sri Lankan travel itinerary. Whether you’re a history buff, nature lover, or photography enthusiast, Pidurangala provides a rewarding experience unlike any other. Make sure to wear your hiking boots, pack your camera, and prepare to be amazed by the beauty and history of this magnificent site!



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